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News---Shahrukh khan

31/1/10...congratulations to Leander Paes for winning Grand Slam and good wishes .So is to Mr Abhinav Bindra and Mr A.R.Rahman for their latest achievements.

Why HYDRABAD is burning over and opposing B T BRINGAL ...I don't understand? 4-5 days back Bihar-West Bengal had said we don't want it as we can grow 40% brinjal together here....though things changes and remarks,opinion also with every day.If it is bad for health,full of chemicals...(need not be allowed doing proper research and investigation)... specially for next said, then certainly we will prefer desi brinjal...and not B.T. brinjal.

Today (7/2/10) says---BT BAIGAN ko lekar aantim faisla 10 ko...YEH ZAHAR HAI YA VARDAAN??


Indians getting beaten up and harrassed in Australia...can't say what pschye is working behind it other then -Indians are taking/eating up their opportunities...but then people from all countries living in different from where is this problem crop up...??? Its needed to be stopped!! ?? teaching Australians and make them aware of good aspects of GLOBALIZATION AND UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD... definitly otherwise our country need to take strict action to save their citizen's living there...but it'll be only temporary solution.Good wishes to Manmohan Singhji's Govt. And this fight between RSS-SHIVSENA...saving north indians in Maharastra...and in South India...about teaching hindi in South...I only can say that why can't we learn many languages including our mothertounge(Chinu/Aditi speaks fluent Rajasthani(spoken in our home) and can caricature Bihari...other then Hindi/English...I AM WRITING THIS TO SAY, WHAT I AM SUGGESTING... WE TRIED TO TEACH AT HOME ALSO)) is our heritage/tradition which we need to preserve and handover to next generation.If we haven't learnt it, still we can learn it...where is the matter of division over it???

This is very silly comment from Shri Sharad Pawarji that now even poor people have started eating so definitly there will be scarcity of food occur...very funny comment from a very mature and seasoned politician.

In Batla House case of Delhi,one terrorist who ran away is captured by UP Police...which shows it was a real encounter and not a well planned FAKE one, as many outsiders and insiders over here had said earlier and unneccessary gave it a communal shade...that muslims don't get house here(in Delhi)...definitly becoz of these kind of incidents,it put many of them in 'SHAQ KA DAYRA'...(Its in News)!!!

`द हिन्दू` में एक छोटा सा ख़त छपा है दिल्ली के त्रिलोचन सिंह जी का। स्वतंत्रता सेनानी हैं। उन्होंने शाहरुख़ खान के घर पर शिव सैनिकों के प्रदर्शन और खासतौर पर शाहरुख़ को पाकिस्तान जाने की नसीहत पर मुख़्तसर सी बात कही है जो किसी भी गैरतमंद हिन्दुस्तानी को शर्मिंदा करने के लिए काफी है। उन्होंने कहा है कि जिन शिव सैनिकों का देश की आज़ादी के लिए लड़ने का कोई इतिहास नहीं है, उन्हें मालूम होना चाहिए कि शाहरुख़ के पिता ताज मोहम्मद खान स्वतंत्रता सेनानी थे। भारत छोड़ो आन्दोलन के दौरान वे और त्रिलोचन सिंह एक साथ पेशावर जेल में थे। देश का बंटवारा हुआ तो उन्होंने पाकिस्तान छोड़कर हिन्दुस्तान आना मुनासिब समझा। उनकी शादी जनरल शाहनवाज ने कराई थी जो आज़ाद हिंद फ़ौज के सिपहसालार थे।
पुनश्च: शुक्र है, ताज मोहम्मद साहब अब नहीं हैं, वर्ना उन पर जाने क्या गुजरती।
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Good to see when whole Thakre family was against Shahrukh khan...their Bahu was in his favour.

I think this controversy is unneccessary blown out of proportion...players,artists,musicians...are peace ambassadors, need and should come forward with OLIVE BRANCH....and I think...objection was on, after inviting players of a country and snub or sideline them(in IPL auction) ...and not whether after 26/11 they are allowed in our country or not??...if it is so then let our government declare ban on their entry in our country,break up all strategic alliance with that country(or even with Australia???)first...unless Pakistan give results and positive response against terrorist attack in mumbai...or in general in other parts of our country.Whatever government decide on Policy level...definitly citizens need to obey...0n 4/2/10...our govt decided to invite pakistan for a peace talk...after many months....its a good sign...but need to be firm and strict in asking results...evidence of 26/11 attack and other such activities in Jammu and Kashmir...and in other part of our country.

Alok Tomar(in my facebook account...) So we are facing a great pakistani insult. we have sent them an invitation to talk and the asked back...why. We are a proud nation. Are we?

Me...Yes we need to do that but then we need to talk firmly...and put our points across their mind...we need to demand why they can't stop terrorism against India, why not giving all evidence against terrorists....26/11 after all these terrorists are hurting them as well.Pakistan cannot go on like this thinking India will say aar paar ki ladai and then change their mind and come for Lahore bus yatra, and later on face kargil war......and this will continue forever.....India is a peaceful country,,,we always believe in non violence, not attacking others from our side....but we are not a boneless or spineless country....its better things solved by discussing terrorism it need to be first priority in/for both the their agenda of thousand things.
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30th January 2010.....and Moqabla

30th January has important significance in my life....Its my B'day...I am 45yrs old now, unofficially, though officially I am 30/7/66 born that means I am not yet 44yrs old.(My b'day is 30/1/ the evening 9.15pm approxmatly....on FCI SINDRI /DHANBAD/TOWNSHIP HOSPITAL(now in Jharkhaand)...anyone has any predictions for me...good or bad???...Personally, I really is not very orthodox/ I always belived in I have written it in my blog and my Facebook profile/Info earlier,(khudi ko ker buland hur taqdeer se pahle, khuda bande se yeh pucche, baata teri raza qua hai...)...but recently I do started thinking/believing strongly, there is 'something beyond us' we and science have yet to discover...!! You can call them God...!!or one can call them destiny/ do your work and duties...and left the result for God/destiny/ Shri Krishna has said in BHAGVAD GITA...KARMANYAVADHIKARASTE,MA FALESHU KADA CHANA...!! As I fixed up my daughter's marriage with Mr in this blog(sounding crazy...don't laugh, I am serious I announced it in my Mayka before I started writing in blogs)...let's see what god has stored for both of them..../as I started writing here about many things...without thinking what is going to happen,how people will react to it/interpret my words at home and outside/...its another thing that others are also writing in blogs...!!

Yesterday morning I got so many phone calls,msgs,mails from friends,family members...that I really felt SPECIAL and it was emotionally charging moment...!!Had a nice evening with family members...Rajeshji and Vibhaji/Bhupendraji/Pupul came...Aditi gifted me a nice GUPTDAAN by MA-BABUJI (they are SPECIAL as
PARENTS of nice kids, who all making them Proud/ So as I feel even my PARENTS are!!!)...for my gulluck, suits by Sudhirji and younger Sis-in-law's family(who is always interested in taking things 50-50 from me, but we do have other memebers also to share the cake) ....!!

Well these are material happiness which cannot cover this fact that now I am 45yrs old!!! Which means almost near to half century...half of life. Since childhood I have never distributed sweets in school amongst friends in a morning session as others friends used to at 9.00am we used to keep 'MAUN DHARAN' condolence, as it is Punyatithi of Mahatma Gandhiji...!! Someone yesterday has written to me that Its Gandhiji's Punyatithi still I am wishing you...I replied, which I always used to say that" His death today reminds me of fact that no one is immortal physically... but can become a good human being, so that people can remember you for your deeds,vision and values." I have read Gandhiji, can't say I have 'CHEMICAL LOCHA' LIKE MUNNABHAI OF A MOVIE...but yes I am quite impressed by his phylosophy of life which are IDEALISTIC but still quite PRACTICAL and has been imbibed from integrities of day to day life.Well god bless me as few of my friends said, that I can do what I feel, I still need to do.Though I reminded few of them that even housewives has their silent contributions in a family and a society which need not be ignored.Asked by someone "definitly today is the day to remember old days,past"..."I said yes,old memories are good, and if on such day or any context we remember them,nothing wrong in it as it reminds us to make days of future better and should be and need to be"!!!

Yesterday saw a programme on NDTV Hindi..MUQABALA.."KYA PADAMSHRI PURASKAR BEMANI HO GAYA HAI???"....Desh mein itni badi samasyan hain...per ek bahas SYSTEM per bhi honi chahiye....shayaad yeh uski hi ek kaddi hai...!!

Yeh ek vishisth rashtriye puraskar hai jise lekar sabhi khush or gauravanvit honge...prathishtha ki baat hai...!!

Sawal isske credibility ki hai, too jahan tak mujhe yaad hai(don't want to comment on Saif Ali Khan or Mr.Chatwal's personal credibility)...Sudhirji(who has got many awards till now) was one of panelist and spoken on this issue after 6yrs. Sudhirji got it in 2004, in the age of just 44. Sudhirji ki kabliyaat aur nishpaksh cartooning or sabhi politicians per attack ki pravirti ko koi nakar nahin sakta...across the partyline and above holycows...he made cartoons on all...people may agree or disagree on his comment/statement depicted in cartoons or not,its other point. Even After getting death threat he himself refused to take police security...never asked help from even any high and mighty in this regard,neither given any interviews to media,and after getting a security man...after 6months he himself requested to withdraw it....well before getting an award (may be)like others he got through all kind of paper checking from home ministry/income tax offices/police varifications...etc...and as his cartoons were getting published in national newspapers since 1970, when he was 10yrs old(don't need to write his biodata and achievements here...people know about it) I don't think his(for example as I cannot speak or give anyone else eg... or this award(Padma) has lost its credibility....but if someone of criminal background or has any offensive charges which is embarassing to country is on a person...LEGALLY(not just hawaii) is definitly wrong to give such or ANY AWARD to a person(Mr Mahesh Bhatt has spoken well).Definitly we need tranparency why, how,and on what basis we give such awards to anyone,as it was discussed there!!And yes if being a ROLEMODEL in work or as a person is any criteria (or not),but if it is??...then one need to decide the parameters for it that who can be the Role model???...a person who has many girl/boy friends/fans/getting marriage offers...?? a person in a live in relations?? a person having extra marital affairs?? a person who has drinking/smoking...etc habits or beating/abusing habits...??? a person who is a GAY/a LESBIAN/an few people has discussed there about Saif!!!(even today I feel these people are differently created by God(LGBT) one can take decision by being humane...and think about its remedies and their human rights also before making comments or rules/Laws)... Forget about other legal cases?? RBI,CBI,FBI...!!! Terrorist/naxalite/criminal/ on.

In this programme a word came out strongly LOBBYING...FOR AN AWARD...which is disgraceful,(though Sudhirji jokingly said yes I did, but after getting it!!!...His sense of humour was infectious in this progamme,got praised and clappings by audience sitting there....He always speaks well,his centiments and problems he faced after getting this award is genuine, and I support him in this in my view he is always a hero)...definitly person's volume of work should speak his/her effort not an award...but then it is a recognition/praise by others of your efforts or countributions,it motivates you to do better!!!So awards do matters!!...But then,definitly our is a country where Mahatma Gandhiji never got BHARAT RATNA...though he is our FATHER OF THE NATION...his followers of PEACE THEORY got NOBLE PURRASKAR but he never got it though his name was recommended there many time!!...STILL HE IS MUCH MORE RELEVANT IN TODAY'S TIME AND WILL BE REMEMBERED BY PEOPLE ....TILL WE/OUR COUNTRY EXISTS, NOT ONLY IN HISTORY BUT IN PRESENT CONTEXT.

But the one irony of our life is, generally,people recognize your effort after you get 'an award'...chota-motta hi sahi...koyi shawl orrha de, tamr-patra de de ,Certificate de de, kuch dhan bhi saath dein to sone pe suhaaga...kucch log sabhaon mein bolne ko bulaleyienge, ribbon katne,udaghaatan karne,Judge banakar bulaiyein...badi baat hai(even I don't mind considering if I am invited and if like it )!!!....aab aapne lobbying ki hai ya genuinly talented hain,ya dono hain...logon ko khaas fark nahin padhta...biodata mein toooo add ho jata hai.Isse hi log naam kamana kahte hain....aakhir OVER AMBITION/LAMBI CHALLANGE/CHEEL KI TARAH UDAAN???(may be like King Ashoka??/) Isska samanytha aarth log kya samajhinge...paisa kamana, naam kamana,award kamana,badi post pana....aur kya???

Now comeback to point of LOBBYING/SIFARISH/recomendation(Sudhirji may have done it for some genuine reason without harming anyone else and for benifit of some) in 'general term' and not just for an award(Someone wanted to meet then PM so that they can discuss about 'Population control problem in our country(as a social issue)...had a plan to do awareness campaign in newspaper/TV/and if Radio by buying Times FM started...which never happened,though a national committee was made consisting of then CMs of different states...I was not asked directly(though it was directed towards me...I know now) to do anything as few seniors(udyanji,indrajit badhwarji were there) as talking about A RECOMMENDATION LETTER IF NECCESSARY FROM ANY AUTHORITY FOR A 'STAMP' OF LATE MAHARAJA OF BIKANER SHRI GANGA SINGHJI PENDING IN THAT MINISTRY(PHALATELIC DEPT) FOR YRS AND WE GOT MANY REQUEST BY RAJGHARANA AND(RAJKUMARI)OF BIKANER, DUPLICATE FILE WAS SENT TO US,FINALLY SUDHIRJI MET THEN MINISTER AND GOT A LETTER, BUT BECOZ OF OVERNIGHT MINISTRY RESHUFFLE,NOTHING HAPPENED... THINGS ARE STILL IN THE COLD STORAGE...WE NEVER TRIED AGAIN)....can anyone genuinly,truthfully come out and say(including who said NO, (as even I first time asked her to get recomendation done if she can do was just a request,which was denied and till now whenever I suggested anything...her answer is NO......and that's all) but ask 'her' who said that time,mujhe in baton se lena dena nain,sarokar nahin, mein ye sab nahin karti hoon..) THEY THEMSELF HAVE NEVER ASKED FOR sifarish/favour to do for themself, PAHLE AUR BAAD MEIN, maybe to her brother or anyone else known to them???(EVEN I DON'T BELIEVE IN DOING OR GETTING SIFARISH/LOBBYING/MEETING OF DELEGATIONS DONE "UNNECCESSARY", OR INTERFERING IN OTHERS PERSONAL MATTER "WITHOUT REASON"...BUT ONLY IF IT IS WORTH DOING THROUGH PROPER CHANNEL...IS IT WRONG???...SPECIALLY IF DOESN'T HARM ANYONE ELSE'S LIFE OR CAREER OR IF IT HELP SOMEONE OR FEW??? But 'If' I am wrong i am ready to say sorry anytime) ....In todays system where its difficult to get work done without any kind of corruption,pull and PUSH(not talking about a proverb...pushed against wall...or maybe a serial's episode where anyone was pushed from the hill),...recommendation....within "a deadline" easily...whether one's case is genuine and deserving or not.....for get my few cerficates for Aditifoundation(NGO)-cleared from income tax office it took 9months...though we reminded them in between that our papers are lying there on their files, infact our CA was asked for bribe(though we have not given it)...last year!!! If situation is like this though RTI has made things bit simpler and transparent and becoz of media campaign people are now more aware of their rights and how to get work done...!! Can't we say 'ye sub chor/(corrupt) hain,khana hi unki fitrat hai'. Not talking about misunderstandings and misinterpetations at times.

And now a word MANIPULATION...can a person who uses it frequently can describe what it exactly meant...when it was said??...and also if it meant 'lobbying' then isn't it a HARDCORE TRUTH that person talking against MANUPULATIONS herself/himself do manupulations of media in their favour(PRESS CONFERENCES,INTERVIEWS OR MEIN BHI-MEIN BHI OR TRYING TO SLIP IN SOMEONE ELSE's SHOES, THOUGH I BELIEVE THERE IS A SPACE FOR EVERYONE...inside or outside home)/even they get or does sifarish/needed recommendation for getting job/deputation/confirmation at times?? others related authority/minister!! may be a minor thing as in today's time even genuine person get to do this when getting order/recommandation "delayed is a justice delayed"...whether you are competing with others,aspiring for some chair/posts or genuinly it is mere an effort for your survival or betterment at workplace(naukari mein/kam mein).Isn't it unfair??...but then who is responsible??...person's fitrat/mentality or our system which is evolving now slowly??...since 2000 when I stop working full time and 2004 when congress(UPA) came back in power to/for a change....???



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News of our Schools closure in Dainik Hindustan....

Umesh Sharma(1980):

Dear All,
The anxiety and pain is being felt all the concerned Baraunians should come forward. I am reproducing the mail from Nidhi Sharma(1984) received by me yesterday:
"respected bhaiya
can you just make an appeal to be forwarded to Commissioner , KVS and Minister of HRD and Fertilizer.
i am also trying to get the appeal made .i have told pradeep(1984) to get the actual fact from principal madam.he is in begusarai.
pradeep chaturvedi suggested that w should flood the mail box of ministers and KVS-lobbying and putting pressure. we will also take help of ahluwaliaji and put parliamentary question in the house. this will help getting the actual fact also.
i am on the job but need the appeal to pursue the case.
nidhi 1984
just now vivekanand from barauni called me up and i have requested him to get the papers and sent to me."

The first and foremost action is knowing about the reasons for the said closure/shifting so that we can move fast. Can any one come forward and find out the reasons as recorded on the files of the KVS?
We have decided to meet the Commissioner of KVS at Delhi followed by the steps suggested by Nidhi above. We need to get the entire facts and circumstances so that we can take up the case specifically.
In the meanwhile I request all those Baraunians from the media field and political field to initiate some action at their end as well. Please do not forget that we are on the verge of losing our Alma Mater.

Umesh Sharma(1980)

Dear rajesh,

This is true that efforts are being made by some persons to bring our School out of campus. I have come across this News recently in ' Hindustan' a Hindi Daily, The matter has been referred to C.O. (Barauni Block) to search land for allotment . The slogan has been raised in the name of unavailability of facilities like drinking water, Electricity, deteriorating law & order situation etc. within the campus. In one perspective, this is true also. How can one study there under such circumstances especially during hot summer days ? That too when girl students are studying there. If these things are made available to the School, there should be no reason of leaving HFC campus. Even then someone has vested interest to bring the school out of campus without justified reasons, matter can be challenged in the Court of Law. Until & unless above facilities are reinstated, even Parents of the studying students will not support our move.
Secondly, this has to be made clear that Electricity cannot be supplied by Papraur as it will be illegal under the Bihar State Electricity Act, No person of Papraur or else so has power to distribute it and is a non- bailable offence. As there is Agreement between Barauni HFC Unit & BSEB for purchase & sale of Electricity and that heavy dues are pending to the said piece of land/Premise/Campus to be paid to BSEB, fresh connections cannot be issued to separate Parties living within the Campus. Had it been so , separate Connections had already been to Bank, DAV, etc. However, SSB was given temporary Connection as it managed to get it from the Admn., being Forces. I have come to know that Mrs. Tigga is presently Principal here and participated MGT . If she could be convinced to meet my brother Mr Aashish, . Advocate to SSB, Barauni Begusarai & Patna High Court, a silver line can be attempted to be drawn in the dark cloud as regards Electricity Supply ( Temporary or Permanent) to the School is concerned. once Electricity supply is regularised to the School on monthly Bill basis by the order of the Court, it cannot be withdrawn under normal circumstances. It is upto the Advocate to make out the Case. You know my father or your father knows my father being Legal Advisor to HFC Barauni since1968.We still can take help of him.

These are few reactions I have read in through mail...People/ex students of our KV Barauni are shocked to know that HFC Barauni's closure which effected our school time to time....which got closed and then in verge of getting closed again...where as DAV school is running smoothly without any hurdle(I guess-ya shayaad kam kisi tarah chaal raha hai) ..guess...with everyone's support.....can anyone do something for it??...Many affluent people with good local and state and national connections...some has relatives, some has their office connections....trying and appealing to each other...quite a disturbing news which made everyone united,emotional and active online....Needed help...lets see how things are going to shape up??? I hope its not just an emotional outbrust...!!! Good wishes to all.Read in mails that they are planning to make a committee on it...a signature campaign, a delegation with all papers to meet related authoritie/lawyers/sitting MLA/MP of that consituency's/...Nitishji...etc....lots of discussion going on....good wishes.

Open heart surgery in Bikaner and Rahul Gandhi going to Bihar

28/1/10...I am glad Bikaner(My Sasural) has got one more feather and their cap...Open Heart Surgery started it inaugurated by our friend known Dr Naresh Trehan(interviewed him also for Yuvabharat by taking all phone numbers from Sudhirji) and his team...Thanks Sir.Now people won't have to run out of station...for big heart ailments. Good wishes to Bikaner.

Mr Ashok Gahlot was in Bikaner to inaugurate CARDIOVASCULAR CENTRE but he asked Shri Trehan to inaugurat it saying "He is the one who did operation"... This institute is under category of 'JANSAHBHAGITA YOJNA'....where Haldiram family had put 14crores ...and it is of standard of MAX hospital...first of such a big and international quality hospital in this category in Rajasthan....CM had said -government will provide all important help to it. It has FACILITIES FOR BPL,PENSIONERS,SENIOR CITIZENS ACCORDING TO GOVERNMENT HOSPITALS PARAMETERS.

Bihar is going to face assembly elections in this YEAR all political parties and Big Politicians are in action...against PRICE RISE and other problems...RAHUL GANDHI is going to Bihar as now after Goa and MP it is Bihar's Universities and colleges he is going to focus on...Will meet students at MITHILA UNIVERSITY AND PATNA WOMEN's COLLEGE(Nibha's College)...yes Rahul...I came to study in Delhi becoz those days our education system failed us to provide timely sessions...delayed sessions,cancelations of exams...was a big problem that my elders- sister and bhabhi...their contemporary students faced that as lack of important and neccessary facilities, mismanagement and economic...salaries irregularities and strikes...well things are far better now in a state of NALANDA,MAGADH VISWAVIDYALAYA....who taught the world lesson of PEACE....Buddhism,sikhism,hinduism,jainism...take any has roots its good if he take on with a bhoomi of JAIPRAKASH we need students/people to change the mindset by knowing root causes of silent movement...which means going through proper channel(which includes politicians of that area/department/ministry's (recommendation and action) any they are responsible for their constituiency/state/country's all round devolopment) to change the mindset of people and same time get neccessary work done...for allround benifit of that state...WHICH FEW PEOPLE/POLITICIANS(in general) ONCE CALLED(BIHAR) NASOOR/CANCER DURING LALOOJI's TIME... FOR OUR INDIAN DEMOCRACY AND COUNTRY, becoz of its backwardness.Nitishji good wishes to you for good governance so far and on in future.

29/1/10 Good to know Our friend Shri Rajiv Pratap Rudy learn flying Aircraft ...did four yrs course...and now a professional pilot...freelancing....Well must be enjoying it...a good gesture or is it a majboori,as he lost his MP seat after fighting parliament election against Shri Lalluji...from Chaapra???...Well,ex civil aviation minister who asked his wife to leave her job those days as she was a airhostess and in a senior post....just becoz..he didn't wanted to be unfair(was that fair???-...but thats their personal matter) he is doing job there,freelancing...but personally,I must praise him...his effort shows no work is CHOTTA-BADA if one wants to do and enjoy it as well.I did an episode on him for YUVABHARAT (even one story was done on Sudhirji as well in Yuvabharat----of 30 personalities of different fields as Gurus OF OFFBEAT PROFESSIONS).. so have researched about his know little bit. Heard he lost his good wishes to him about it, may he get it soon.

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60th RepublicDay....and Sudhirji experiencesGood wishes

Good wishes to everyone on our 60th Republic Day....and wish that more and more people become aware of rules and regulations...constitutional /fundamentals rights and duties, where ever amendments are needed ASK for it but most important is to follow it.

Yesterday we went to Rashtrapati Bhavan, nice weather, nice ambience,beautiful garden and decorated Bhavan...really eye catching and shoothing...full of patriotism. Numbers of invitees, it seems are increasing every year...we went their
twice every year on 26th January and 15th of August....I have good memories of Ex-President shri K.R.Narayanan saheb's duration there as I with a team from Mumbai(for old office) shot a filler on Rastrapati Bhavan and Mughal garden there(were shooting monuments...for which I coordinated as well)...I remember his press attache Mr Satish Nambudiripaad, who was very press friendly told me you don't need an appointment to shoot here...'GHAR KI BAAT HAI'...I told him with whole team and equipment will you let us in just like that...he said, then send me a list for security check(though later on once or twice we didn't went and he told us...'Jo nahin aayega aage se list se usska nam kat denge..quite witty person)....I still remember also President saheb's shoot for our own Home Production,STUDIO ANIMATION, later on...'50years of Lampooning,anchored/interviewed by Sudhirji' for DD...Mr Narayanan (any working President)had given first ever TV interview to anyone,it was our previledge to be there....I still remember,he asked me 'even you're a cartoonist???'...I with Rajesh was part of the team.....very nice,precious and prestigious moments...Later on we went there with family(including Sudhirji's brother/sister with their spouse/kid and my elder brother with bhabhi and kids) for private screening of the programme(Episode) there....where other dignatries were also present.

Yes! Definitly it was a proud moment when Sudhirji got PADAMASHREE AWARD by then President Mr Abdul Kalam,Chinu,Ma,Babuji was there. Kalam sahab had alot praise for Sudhirji's work...he asked him to draw his caricature/cartoon(His hair style was quite popular in film industry as Mr Salman Khan had copied it once)....Just before his retirement,Sudhirji got a phonecall from his office,asking about his cartoon...Sudhirji went there with his framed caricature which he presented to him and chatted about cartooning and news...and later on written about it in THE ASIAN AGE...after leaving his office,that day he gave an interview to PTI and spoken in favour of cartooning art and its it must get space in the front page of Newspapers.... as even it is becoming a DYING ART and getting VILUPT(its history beging from ravana caricatured as ten headed person in mythology to traditional FHADD PAINTING...) wipeout from front page to...inside...that become headlines of that day...and ...though Sudhirji's fight is going on to save and revive it...that's why he has worked on all aspect of CARTOONING...documented world and Indian history of Cartooing for DD as 'Kartoon ki kahani', '50yrs of lampooning'...which has profile of legendry cartoonists of our country...SAFARNAMA...CD ROMs, Cerigraphs...and books, writeups...etc, I also contributed with him as a team member(in scripting,researching,assisting) and did a cover story on art of cartooning for DHARMYUG as well. Mr Kalam's statement became fresh air for this dying art and a great support and a good gesture for Sudhirji....but this fight is going on not only for survival....but to revive and establish it and its importantance in our country for generations to come.My salute to Sudhirji also!!!I am always there in his this Safar/Yatra to support and help.(He is not a ghar ki murgi daal barabar...can't say about myself..ha!ha!)

A 'cut and paste' matter from my own blog what one need ingredients to be a finest cartoonist...!!!(though I have not written articles which were cut n paste from anywhere in office days, though stories do need research...Taiyaari to know backgrounder and datas,statistics if needed to update self...or write...and do know what one should speak from any formal platform).

(I am feeling bit nostalgic today,as Sudhirji's B'day is on the 26th. He'll be 49 yrs old.Jub we met, he was 24(in dec 1984).We got married on 24th Nov,'86 and chinu was born on 10th sept,'87.We both belong to traditional families trying to change with time. With Sudhirji its not just a 'safarnama' of husband-wife, family person, but a wife of a celebrated cartoonist as well. I was a professional journalist, and still by nature a journalist, freelancing occasionally.

Being his wife is an interesting and difficult job, you need to be updated in News, if not indepth, but in basics, as you won't be able to understand if you don't know the news it potraying.He makes Political Cartoons but, it covers all the leading and newsy issues, whether political(which is also social),social, economical,sports,entertaintment,environmental,national, international....coated with political line.So you need to be all rounder to smile on and feel the crux, the satire and the irony it dipicts.Its like an editorial in a frame, with one liner.Its like a Charlie Chapplin's Film which makes you laugh as well as sad at a time.

So you need to be sensitive enough to understand it, and should have sense of humour as well to appreciate it.

One need to understand the pain and suffering of a leading cartoonist who consistently for last 27 yrs(officially) and for last 39 yrs (unofficially)...busy in creation.At times he feel stagnated,he is on the Plateau from where he wants to go up and up so that more and more people can hear his voice..his issues..his protest and his suggestions...for which he is struggling for last 27 make the difference...this what his mission is. For this he has to deliver 6 days a week and read books, magazines, litreature, search in internet and watch be update and to be the latest.

Cartooning is a unique profession- combination of a well educated person who has allround knowledge of issues to depict, language to attack,artistic bent to potray in a small frame and have a sense of humour, sense of proportion,vision to see between the lines and future as well.Its his understanding,presentation and packaging of News which makes his cartoons News is the same for every newsperson. I like his thinking and conviction with which he makes the Cartoon. Every day he has to deliver a baby...At times I don't agree with his perspective or point of view...but I have all praise for him and I am Proud of him...I love you Sudhir...Keep going on.)


Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Course chat
"Sense of humour must for cartoonist’s job"
Vibha Sharma

Sudhir Tailang

YOU can count the number of political cartoonists in India on your fingertips. In fact, in the words of well-known cartoonist Sudhir Tailang, "Cartoonists, like tigers, are an endangered species in the country. But we are not as ferocious."

Tailang, who made his first cartoon in 1970, when he was just 10 years’ old, started his career with the ‘Illustrated Weekly of India’, Mumbai, in 1982. In 1983, he joined ‘Navbharat Times’ in Delhi. And for a major part of his career, nearly 17 years, he was with the ‘Hindustan Times’. In between, he did a couple of short stints with the ‘Indian Express’ and the ‘Times of India’. His present assignment is with the ‘Asian Age’.

When asked what advice he would give to those wanting to become professional cartoonists, he says in a lighter vein, "Why would anyone want to commit harakiri?"

But on a serious note, Tailang describes his job thus: "Remember the story of the emperor and his new clothes. A political cartoonist is like the child in the story who told the emperor that he was wearing no clothes."

"A cartoon is a political comment. A political cartoonist draws a visual editorial, and also manages to make fun of people and situations that some editorial writers may not have the liberty to do," he adds.

Anyone aspiring to become a political cartoonist, must possess a journalistic worldview and analytical abilities in addition to the basic ability to draw, he feels.

"This is not a run-of-the-mill profession and I have been quite fortunate to land myself good jobs. But I have never been through an arts college. In fact, I am a science graduate and postgraduate in English literature."

"One cannot train to become a cartoonist and most of us are self-taught. But what you do require is a sense of humour, a sense of mischief, a crazy sort of personality and a passion for doing something different," he adds.

"If you are an IT professional, you will have hundreds of work options. But opportunities in this profession are limited.`A0 You have to go a long way before making a mark, which requires a lot of patience and persistence."

However, he opines, times are changing and there is now some scope for cartoonists in the electronic media and animation. But in the print media, it is still tough to carve a niche for oneself. For beginners, he has this suggestion, "Go and meet editors, show them your work, and get it published. Freelancing is another option, but it is tough going. Money wise too, this field is not too lucrative in the beginning." Twentyeight years into cartooning, E.P. Unny is now a veteran in the field. He started his career with ‘The Hindu’, where he worked for almost 12 years.

Later, he moved to Delhi and joined ‘The Economic Times’. At present with the ‘Indian Express’, his political comments in "Business as usual" are well known. Simply passionate about his work, Unny says one cannot plan to become a cartoonist.

"I started by sending a couple of cartoons to ‘The Hindu’, the then Editor liked my work and asked me to join the newspaper."

"One essential quality for becoming a cartoonist is the ability to draw with a comic twist, it’s not about faithfully reproducing pictures."

"Cartooning is not a structured career like engineering, medicine or law. The bottom line is — it is not a routine career," he points out.

"One way to begin is to try and get your work published. There is no such thing as professional training, one just learns on the job,"

Unny opines.

Yesterday on 26th Jan, Sudhirji's niece Pupul celebrated her 18th b' intelligent, sincere in her studies, a topper-(in best 5ives)in school since childhood(Birla Vidya Niketan),tez terrar, a go getter,good mix of tradition and mordernity, may have many hidden/latent is a class 12th student...good in cultural activities ....good wishes to her for her healthy,prosperous and a bright future. On the 30Jan her class 12th farewell function in her school,...she got the TITLE of MISS BVN(BIRLA VIDYA NIKATEN)after going through 3rounds of few steps of dance,few lines of a song,few minutes of ramp walk and answers of few questions....good wishes to her.

Yesterday..My younger brother -Alok's son Anupam(Golu) lead his house(Blue) holding Flag in the Republic Day march past at his Ryan International School,Chaandhigarh, in the age of just 14...good 2Gold and 1 silver medals in sports...amongst toppers in class...good in Maths quiz(Olimpiads) as her sister Runu/Arushi(13)of RED one Silver medal..participated in Aerobics ...on the occassion of Republic day. Good that kids in first family are doing well. So as Arun Bhaiyya's younger son Bunty/Vikram (23) has become full fleged professional software engineer joined INFOSYS at Mysore for one year training and now is posted in Pune for his first job....Good wishes to all of them.Even Nibha's daughter Nishu/Bhavya's 6 work got selected and displayed in her school's annual exhibhition in Patna...good wishes.

Today(28/1/10) Is a great day for Aditi as Sudhirji while discussing some idea and sketching....checking chinu's work...he told her your FREE HAND SKETCHES are better then mine....good as he do not praise anyone unneccessarily....I wish she takes it that she keep on growing....I know she has 'in born talent,kudrat ki den'...but need to polish it with constant and thourogh practice,observation,studies...theory/ Sudhirji's and other experts guideince(she is doing it and still need more...and more effort).I wish she should be known for her work like Sudhirji(Though since childhood she refuses to copy(100%) even his father's line/drawing,mujhe aapne jaise banaana hai??...but do have subconcious imprint of father's talent,he adores his papa...and a bit of mine,(mere passe ma hai...thats her dialouge for me)....must have latent talents yet to be discovered!!!... She is a good Human being....that I know.She is going to NID Ahmadabad next week on 11/feb/10 for 3 days College festival(50 of them from her College for 5days), will be back by 16th...participating in Photography competition...individual catagory(can participate in one event only)...there, on the spot, they will get topics...will have to shoot and edit in laptop...and get marked...good wishes....hope she should get some good 'cause' cover, in last 2yrs college festivals she oraganised fashion show and participated in it, as well in college,...and in IIT delhi, BIT Pilani,NID Ahmadabad...themes were from bible/black and white era...with causes...!! On the 27th feb 10..her School SPV(Sardar Patel Vidyalaya) is having almuni association get together in a big way...Aditi is invited to be part of organizing committee of students- management team...only one from her requested to do co ordination of her batch through email...and design Posters and stickers etc for PATELIANS...(publicity material...which she offered to do and teachers were very happy to know that)....glad to see her doing extra it is her final year as well...and exams are from March...right now she is busy packing and doing all preparations for her well as giving mock test in college...and helping in household work as well..( as our maidservant is on leave)...including has become our driver also...whenever possible,and if Sudhirji is busy)...doing most of the work on her own...inside and outside...appne aap(though we are always there to help her, good to see her so independent)....Its a good sign that after little bit of 'LADHKADHANA' in studies in school daysafter 8th std, becoz of that Sudhirji thought of doing SIFARISH during addmission in SPV and DCA(don't want to take a chance,these are a prestigious institutions and seats are limited...even I believe that by supporting a talented child to restore his/her confidence and come back on track...littlebit Push is not favouratism...if its not harming anyone else's career...I am sure she'll prove it with her work/talent)...though she has gone through written test and an interview(in school and College entrance test)...and got 70% in 10th and in 12th...and doing well in to focus on one of her subject Photography...aage-aage dekhiye hota hai kya...??

Well Good news that Aditi won the only prize in photography....topic was 5 self potraits...She shot five activities which she believes,...she has!!...A woman worshipping a cow(I believe), a dog sleeping on the cot in a aangan(I leiseure),a street side barber cutting someone's hair..( I indulge), a bird sitting on the top of a big tree..(I seek), slogan written on the wall and a postbox in the side(I speak) and a paragraph about it.....(good to see today's youth are more career oriented and has higher awareness level about career/hobby and sorroundings.)

Good and my hearty wishes to her,so that she make all proud of her by her work(vaise bhi manke haare harr hai, mann ke jite jeet)'...her merit...her obedient behaviour(as much is necessary)...including them as well,who recommended her name....sabko iss per bhi FAKHR/GARV HO!!!(BADE GHAR KE SABHI LADLE BIGDE NAHIN HOTE...MERI LADLI BHI BIGDI NAHIN HAI...NEITHER SHE IS AUSTISTIC OR MENTALLY CHALLENGED LIKE AANTARA...OF A SERIAL)!!!

...I wish same of SELF also,to be known for my contributions/work around me,in Society...will try more to work on it. I do believe in using OLIVE BRANCH for PEACE.

Just cameback(28/1/10) from Sudhirji's college time friend Dr Rajan's B'day Private Party, with few more family friends, all of them from Bikaner...Sudhirji's classmates/spouses/ settled in Delhi....nice evening in Noida club 26. These are few friends like a family to us for whom we can say "FRIENDS IN NEED ARE FRIENDS INDEED"....!!! GOOD WISHES DR.RAJAN, Live long,be healthy and live prosperous and cordial life.

Sudhirji asked Aditi why only she is invited from her batch for meeting??......I have written few lines on her in chinuaditi'll cut n paste here.

.....25TH MARCH 2009...(When I was in school, we used to do 'surya-namaskar'as a PT curriculam in Kendriya Vidyalaya, no one ever said its communal(we had students of all religions)...and I don't think I am communal, but recently few years back it become 'communal'in MP.Why???

When Aditi was in Apeejay school till 10th std...they used to chant 'gayatri mantra'...everyone studied sanskrit in school, they had 'yagya kund'...they celebrated every other 'thuohar' together in school which means thousands of them...I can speak about her, she is not communal...

She has been to many church, mandir, golden temple, jama Sardar Patel School (11th-12th), Which is a Gujrati school...She always won certificates for Rangoli making...or every year she participated in Navratri 'Garba' with others in Gujrati Traditional dress and with dandiya...she still go there annually,in invited by school(invitation for all passouts)...does that make her communal or regressive???

Once a Sudhirji's German Friend talking to her few yrs back, asked her about Akshardham Temple...She replied, its beautiful but one should do some meaningful use of land...which means, it should include real charitable work...He said, even in his country youth are less attached to Church, one should add some new dimensions to involve youth with them???Does that make her communal or Non-Believer???

As a student of Political science, Socialogy, History, English and Psychology in 11-12th(I don't Know how much she remember her course now)... they have done many case discussions...with themslve, teachers, Guest experts, prepared own Agenda and Menifesto's for school elections, as electing class rep in quite democratic process, was interesting...was member of Neighbourhood project in school activities...did social work...does that make her politically aware or a politician???

I am not saying I or Sudhirji has nor done these things...but these first time voters are smarter...we expect that they should not disrespect religion...but respect...what is socially balanced, and unbiased...and discard wrong candidates not parties (as all of them are more or less same), who do not believe in our Constitution...who treates every citizens equally...We need leaders who make members of every caste and religions feel safe and secure and not do vote bank politics... )...FROM CHINUADITI BLOGSPOT.COM...IN CONTEXT OF COMMUNALISM.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My college friend turned Guru....Ms.Madhumita Raut.

Just came back from a show of my college(I.P.College) friend Ms. Madhumita Raut, a known Odissi dancer....Earlier, I have done an episode on her for enadu Tv's career programme,YUVABHARAT, as OFFBEAT PROFESSIONs -CLASSICAL FORM OF DANCE'S GURU,now dying art...and becoming 'VILUPT'.... these traditions of ART and CULTURE need to be PROTECTED...GOOD TO SEE PEOPLE WORKING TOWARDS IT!!Dear Madumita keep on SHINING. My good wishes.

In a jam packed(atleast 80 people were there) Stein auditorium,at Habitat Centre,Lodhi rd 7pm to 8pm....her programme begun with Lamp Lightening by Guru Mayadharji,as it was his 80th b'day.. who said proudly how his daughter,herself a known dancer and a author of books, a scholar...has taught dance to these budding children...!!

Then it started with GURU-VANDANA and ended with GURU hour crisp, programme consists BHAJA GOVINDAM reflecting VAISHNAVISM IN ODISSI, chreographed by her and presented by her senior disciples from repetory and junior disciples, Indians and a Taiwani student. They were introduced lateron, on the stage,by her.

I am really proud of her and her work...met her Ma-Papa...who were quite busy taking congratulations and praise from others,....met affectionately...I told them, I am Madhumita's college friend as I have met her father once earlier but not her mother....they were very happy...mother really looked typical orriya Ma...told me sab karke abb sikha rahi hai...pitaji ka kaam aaccha saambhal liya hai....!!!

Student's parents looked very pleased with her....quite surrounded with audience,fans,parents of disciples,press... all of them showering praise on her....she looked at me and Hugged me...said "TUMHE STAGE SE DEKHA THA AANAAD AA GAYA, MAUSAM KHAARAB HAI,PHIR BHI TUM AAI...I AM SO I said,I am leaving, she said smilingly,..we are in FACEBOOK...BUT, I AM SO TIRED OF TEACHING, WOULD LIKE TO GET TOGETHER SOMEDAY WITH SCHOOL/COLLEGE FRIENDS...NEED TIME OUT...IN TODAY'S TIME- BEING DISCIPLINED AND KEEPING STUDENTS DISCIPLINED AND TEACHING IS VERY MUSHKIL"...GOOD WISHES TO HER...PRANAM TO GLOWING WITH PROUD- UNCLE AUNTY FOR SUCH A NICE AND GIFTED DAUGHTER.


Madhumita Raut is the inheritor and proponent of her illustrious father Guru Mayadhar Raut’s dance legacy. Guru Mayadhar Raut is the pioneering spirit who revived Odissi in 1950s with Shastra-based knowledge. Brought up in Delhi in an atmosphere of dance and music, Madhumita has trained under Guruji with diligence, discipline and dedication.

Today Madhumita is considered the main torch bearer of Mayadhar Raut style/Gharana/Paddhati of Odissi dance. Her dance is known for its strict adherence to Mayadhar Raut Gharana, known for its grace, depth of expresson and technical perfection.

An intense, dynamic and spontaneous dancer, Madhumita Raut has emerged as a dedicated scholar, a passionate Guru, an innovative choreographer and a successful author. She is the force behind the next generation of extensively trained Odissi dancers of Mayadhar Raut Gharana. Perseverance, continuous efforts and uncompromising committment to her art makes Madhumita Raut today an artist to reckon with.

Madhumita Raut received her academic qualifications at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and Indraprastha College. She holds a Master’s Degree in English Literature from Delhi University. She also has a Diploma in Performing Arts. She was awarded scholarship by the Delhi Govt. to study Odissi dance. Later she was awarded fellowship by the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India, to do further research in Odissi. Madhumita Raut is an A grade artist of Doordarshan (National Television of India) and an empanelled artist of I.C.C.R.

There has been no looking back for Madhumita Raut since her Manchapravesh (Debut recital) at the age of seven at the Jagannath Mandir. After her landmark performances at the age of fifteen at the Acropolis and Delphi Amphitheatre in Greece, Madhumita has gone on to create memorable works. Madhumita’s innovations include Odissi compositions on Hungarian poetry, choreographic compositions on the poems of the celebrated German poet Goethe, fusion dances with Balinese dancer Dia Tantri in Holland,dance exposition on Buddha-The Messenger of Peace, Expressional pieces like Dashavatar and Ashtanayikas, based on medieval Indian miniature paintings and others.

Netherlands Channel I has made a documentary film on her. Stuttgart (Germany) and the Hungarian televisions have showcased Madhumita’s dance in their documentary films on India. Madhumita has also done a lead role in a film produced by the Dutch television. The film, depicting Indian values, was highly appreciated all over Western Europe.

Madhumita Raut has effectively used the medium of dance for social causes. She has performed for the Indian Cancer Society, WWF (World Wildlife Fund) CAPF (Campaign against Pre-birth Elimination of females), The Art of Living and for the upliftment of the “have-notes”.

Madhumita Raut has danced in the major dance festivals in India and abroad. The few recitals which are close to Madhumita’s heart are the ones presented at Kalidas Samaroh (Ujjain), Chidambaram (Tamil Nadu), Konark (Orissa), Mansar (Jammu), Kumbha Mela (Allahabad), Minjar Mahotsav( Himachal Pradesh), Nishagandhi (Kerala), Bharatpur Ganga Mandir (Rajasthan) and Vrindavan .

Madhumita Raut has performed in major dance festivals in Ireland, England, Scotland, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Austria, Spain, Morrocco, France, Portugal, Japan, U.S.A. etc. She has had the distinction of living performed in more than 29 countries, in her mission to propagate Odissi worldwide.

Madhumita is also teaching Odissi very widely in USA, Holland, Germany and Japan.

Madhumita has a natural flair for writing.Her landmark book Odissi: What, Why and How....History, Evolution & Technique has been highly appreciated for its in-depth research. Madhumita has also been conducting workshops and giving lectures in prestigious schools and universities in India, Germany and Holland.

Honoured with the Bharata Nirmaan award, Madhumita Raut lives in Delhi where she manages and teaches at the Mayadhar Raut School of Odissi Dance, the most active and result-oriented Odissi dance school in Delhi.(24/1/10)


National Flag and people's right to host it in their home!!!

Yesterday, 23rd January, was Subhash Chandra Bose B' as 6th anniversary of Supreme court's order to give common man right to host national flag...what exactly this fight was for,how it came in Mr Navin Jindal's mind(a Congress MP from Haryana and an Industralist, an ace Polo player and a professional shooter), its interesting to know his version...he has his own blog and a foundation created after this case...He deserve KUDOS and a SALUTE from my side for this fight.I asked 'about it' to Naveenji, during lunch and a get together at his residence at 6, Prithviraj Road, where I went with Sudhirji(as his wife Shalu,a classical(kucchipudi) dancer is Rakhibandh sister of Sudhirji).....he replied in detail but,this is cut and paste from his blog first person version and expressions of the journey of this fight. For this ACT he deserved to be called...'I AM THE BEST'.

The Fight to Free

What Tiranga Means
to Naveen

The Amended Flag Code

Do's and Dont's

Flag Foundation of India

Our National Flag is the greatest symbol of our country and we all must respect it, love it and above all fly it to spread the message of peace, harmony, brotherhood and prosperity.

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The Fight to Free Tiranga
Naveen's passion for the National flag, the tiranga, began during his student days at the University of Texas at Dallas, USA, where as President of the Student's Senate, he used to proudly display the Indian National Flag.

After coming back to India in 1992, Naveen continued to display his pride and honour in being a citizen of India by flying the Indian National Flag in a respectful manner at his factory premises in Raigarh in Chhattisgarh (erstwhile Madhya Pradesh). The then Commissioner of Bilaspur objected to it on the ground that as per the Flag Code of India, a private citizen was not permitted to fly the Indian flag except on certain days.

Naveen sought legal advice from eminent lawyers including Mr Shanti Bhushan. The advice he received was that there existed two clear laws on the subject. Firstly, the flag could not be insulted or disrespected and secondly, it could not be used for commercial purposes. But there is no law which can prohibits respectful flying of the National Flag by the citizens.

Naveen filed a Writ Petition under Article 226 of the Constitution of India before the Delhi High Court, against the action of the Government officials preventing him from flying the National Flag. The petition was filed on the grounds that there was no law prohibiting the flying of the National Flag by private individuals, the restrain being put only by the Flag Code. This Flag Code contained executive instructions of the Government of India and was not issued under any law. The prohibition imposed by virtue of the Flag Code is an infringement of the fundamental right guaranteed under Article 19(1)(a) of the Constitution that gives all citizens, the right to freedom of speech and expression.

The view of Union of India to this was that the Central Government is authorized to impose restrictions on the use of National Flag at any public place or building and can regulate the same by the authority vested in it under Section 3 of the Emblem and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act, 1950. The Union of India also viewed that the restriction imposed by the Act and orders issued by the Government are constitutionally valid being reasonable restrictions on the Freedom of Speech and Expression under Article 19(2) of the Constitution.

The Division Bench of the Delhi High Court on 22nd September, 1995 allowed the writ petition filed by Naveen Jindal holding that "Any restriction contained in the Flag Code - India relating to the flying of national flag by the citizens cannot be enforced except when contravention of those restriction come within the purview of any law in force." A mandamus was issued to the Respondents (Union of India & others) restraining them from interfering with the right of the Petitioner to fly the national flag on his premises.”

The view of Union of India to this was that the Central Government is authorized to impose restrictions on the use of National Flag at any public place or building and can regulate the same by the authority vested in it under Section 3 of the Emblem and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act, 1950. The Union of India also viewed that the restriction imposed by the Act and orders issued by the Government are constitutionally valid being reasonable restrictions on the Freedom of Speech and Expression under Article 19(2) of the Constitution.

The Division Bench of the Delhi High Court on 22nd September, 1995 allowed the writ petition filed by Naveen Jindal holding that "Any restriction contained in the Flag Code - India relating to the flying of national flag by the citizens cannot be enforced except when contravention of those restriction come within the purview of any law in force." A mandamus was issued to the Respondents (Union of India & others) restraining them from interfering with the right of the Petitioner to fly the national flag on his premises.

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The Fight to Free Tiranga

The Union of India sometime in January, 1996 filed a Special Leave Petition before the Supreme Court challenging the judgment dated 22nd September, 1995 passed by the Delhi High Court. On 7th February, 1996 the Hon'ble Supreme Court was pleased to grant leave and stay the operation of the impugned judgment. The flag continued to fly as Naveen's lawyer said "it would not be contempt of court since the judgement had only been stayed".

The matter then came up for hearing before the Hon'ble Mr. Justice V.N. Khare and the Hon'ble Mr. Justice S.N. Variava of the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India. The Hon'ble judges observed that prima facie they see no reason why the citizens cannot express patriotism by displaying the national flag. They also observed that restrictions on flying of national flag only on certain days by private citizens seemed unsustainable.

Subsequently an Inter-Ministerial Committee was constituted by the Union of India on 18th October, 2000, headed by Mr. P.D. Shenoy, Additional Secretary in Ministry of Home Affairs. The committee was to consider whether the citizens should be allowed to freely fly the national flag as an expression of their feelings of patriotism.

Several meetings were held by the Committee where view-points were presented by Naveen also. Dr. P. D. Shenoy submitted the Committee's report to the Government on 12.04.2001.

From November, 2000 to May, 2001 the Government repeatedly sought adjournments before the Supreme Court. Taking a strong view of such delaying tactics, the Hon'ble Supreme Court on 2nd May, 2001 permitted Naveen Jindal to fly the National Flag with respect, dignity and honour.

Union Cabinet accepted Dr. P. D. Shenoy committee report on 15.01.2002 and announced that citizens will be free to fly the National Flag respectfully on all days from 26.01.2002. The Government subsequently issued a new flag code (Flag Code of India 2002) which contained guidelines for flying the National Flag.

The Hon'ble Supreme Court on 23rd January, 2004 dismissed the Civil Appeal No.2920 of 1996 arising out of SLP No. 1888 of 1996 filed by Union of India against the judgment and order dated 22nd September, 1995 of Delhi High Court and held that:
Right to fly the National Flag freely with respect and dignity is a fundamental right of a citizen within the meaning of Article 19(1) (a) of the Constitution of India being an expression and manifestation of his allegiance and feelings and sentiments of pride for the nation ;
The fundamental right to fly National Flag is not an absolute right but a qualified one being subject to reasonable restrictions under clause 2 of Article 19 of the Constitution of India;
The Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act, 1950 and the Prevention of Insults to national honour Act, 1971 regulate the use of the National Flag;
Flag Code although is not a law within the meaning of Article 13(3)(a) of the Constitution of India for the purpose of clause (2) of Article 19 thereof, it would not restrictively regulate the free exercise of the right of flying the national flag. However, the Flag Code to the extent it provides for preserving respect and dignity of the National Flag, the same deserves to be followed.

Thus, the 7-year old legal battle was over and the Indian flag was finally free. The citizens got the freedom to express their nationalist emotions by displaying the Indian tricolor. This was victory of all Indians and independent India. Every Indian can now fly the flag with due respect as a result of Naveen Jindal's persistent and untiring efforts. Liberty has at last been bestowed on "We the People".

My Good wishes to him.

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me Courts judgement on common man right

Today(24/1/10)...I saw a glimpse of a programme of citizen journalist in IBN7,...can't see that unsung hero's name, an old and ordinary poor man, from
JHARKHAAND,who's passion is to create awareness about Tiranga in naxalgrast area of that state has bann order from naxalites on Tiranga....only their Red flag is clippings shows how single handedly he tells people about Tiranga,its it is a Desh ka Jhanda against that Red Jhanda....taking risk on his life etc.
My SALUTE to him and his efforts also, I wish Mr.Navin Jindal's Tiranga Foundation should help this man's mission in spreading Tiranga's importance and National pride attached to that backward Naxalgrast area....and where ever he is working alone. Good wishes to him.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Cricket aur vivaad...???

Kabhi Mr MS Dhoni...2 matches ke liye bann hote hain, kabhi bimar....khaire injury to kissi na kissi ki lagi hi rahti hai,jurmana,punishment,...per haal ka IPL auctioning mein natak...aur Pakistani players ko invite ker sideline or snub kerna, it was not a nice diplomatic move as nowadays its difficult to separate cricket or any such issue with Politics....kabhi firoz shah kotla pitch bann hota hai(good news aaj bann hat gaya...IPL matches wahan hongi),kabhi Telangana vajah se inaugaral Hydrabad venue mumbai shift ho gaya, Deccan chargers is IPL CHAMPION,but....!!!...Pakistaan need to resolve 26/11/09 problem to save their sports,players from these need to control terrorism in their own people's benifit, and then...for the sake of neighbourhood countries and the world....but its better if people of both sides are more tactful and tackle things with sensitivity and maturity(definitly in a country Home ministry and Foriegn Affairs Ministry both works simulteneously)....and do not over-react or redicule each other unnecessarily....'aarree theriii saariiii Pepsi to gir gayii???'

To Baraunians

Bhaiyon aur Bahanon


Something personal....a personal request,
must have read POET BHAVANI PRASAD MISHRA's song....



Dear friends!

Even I write songs(originals) and want to sell it....for I have written on 'Energy---Urja'....anyone of you think that your office promotionals, or their initiatives for causes,certain issues...Audio-Video- print...need songs, please contact me.....!!!

not desprate, but need your little bit out of way effort for it.



VibhaTailang(1983 Batch)


Suicides by schoolchildren....who to blame!!!

Bhasha nahin aati hai to kabhi-kabhi batein galat tarah se preshit hotin hain....pata nahin baton ko kaoun kaise samjhei....vaise hi bhasha acchi ho to bhi cliched sentences ya vaqyon ko log sahi samajh nahin pate, for exampleCONTAGIOUS means...disease that one can touch by touching someone who is already effected by some infections...get infected, as it means, An idea, attitude,feeling etc that is CONTAGIOUS OR INFECTIOUS..spreads quickly among a group of people...His/her energy and enthusiasm became contagious as the campaigned progressed...a contagous SENSE OF HUMOUR....or CONTENTIOUS...means an issue,question,subject,etc, that is CONTENTIOUS causes a lot of disagreement or arguements,as he/she is well known for her views on mental illness... but then it also meant people who are quarrellsome!!! .......per main phir bhi likhoongi. Jo vishaye relevant lagega...!!!

Pichle hafte 50 se zyada school ke bacchon ne aatmahatyain ki,...samajh se bahar hai mein councilling hoti hai,parents,teachers ....kuchh zyada sensible ho gaye hain...khuleaam pitai kum ho gayi hai...kanoonan jurm bhi hai,media coverage or logon/sansthanon ke aawaaz uthanien ke dar se bhi...teachers/parents khyaal rakhte hain...schools zyaada hain, subjects,options zyada hain,...talent ko pahchaan mil rahi hai, schools mein grading system lagooo ho gaya hai, aur aaj yeh choot ki peshkash hui haii ki 9 mein se 5 vishai mein students pass karien to pass honge....parivaar mein pahle ki tulna mein bacchhe bhi kum hain....'agar vaqt ke saath competitiveness badhi hai,kucch aanya samasyain badhi hain,padhai,kitabien,mahngi aur bhari ho gayin hain'....per samasyon ka nidan bhi ho raha hai aur raste bhi khoje ja rahe hain....phir aatmhatyaon ka silsila iss kadar badhe to chounkanien kibaat to hai,chintajanak bhi hai....!!!!

Cricketer Gautam Gambhir ka yeh kahna ki hum sab cricketer inn bachchon ke saath hain jo pareshan hain,hum unke saath kharen hain,ro rahe hain,....koi madad ho to sab karenge...per apeal hai ki yeh aatmnhatya na karien....!! sun ker aaccha laga, per Raj thakerey ka yeh kahana ki in teachers/shiksha mantriy ke kaan ke nicche aawaaz kerna chaahiye....aaaccha nahin laga....yeh kaisa solution hai???....Thik hai ki mumbai mein yeh ghatnaayein zyaada hui hain per...bacchon aur effected parivaar se milkar,teachers se milkar samadhan dhoondein to hum sabko bahut aaccha lagega....aur kucch thoos nikal ker sambhavtah aaye!!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Respected open letter!!!‏
From: vibha tailang (
Sent: 22 January 2010 10:00AM

Respected bhaiyyaji,


Nowadays I have learnt to use computer, as a mean of communication... to clear the sky from unneccessary 'pollution', as much is in my hand...but can't say how much I am successful so far. But now I feel I need everyone's help in doing so...people close to me or far from me....I had started it from self....from today. As you said you accept first....Bhaiiya, I always had this habit to accepting what I did and at times what I didn't....anyway, now I am not here to do any faultfinding of self or others, for any blame game...any self I won't be able to talk on phone that clearly....neither has any intention to come to Faridabad or Noida in recent few days I am writing it won't do in 2words or one liner or in Doha or for once I am writing in detail.

You know dinkerji's line...
shama shobhti usss bhujaang ko,
jiske paas garal ho,
uss ko kya jo daant heen,
vishraheeet,veeneet,saral ho.......

So as ....Yudhishthir veeneet hue jitna hi, dusht kauravon ne ussko kayar samjha utna hi....!!

I not potraying anyone as Kaurav or Pandav,sita, ram,animals, Birds, just the 'meaning'... !!

neither saying anyone is Delhi,Bihar, Jharkhaand,Haryana,Panjab,Rajasthan,Mumbai,M.P, North Indian.South Indian......!!!

Neither....north pole,South pole...Europe,Asia,Africa,America.......Bharat,Pakistan,Bangladesh,Nepal,China,Russia...etc

Neither...films,serial,Ads, Cricket,sports,journalism,engineering,doctor.......etc

Neither Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christan,Parsi...!!

I just want to say that My RELIGION IS HUMANITY and my own defination for it is LOVE,RESPECT AND DIGNITY TO ALL...if I am lacking in providing it to near and dear one's, then its my as- even I need that for my SELF-RESPECT.(for my original views...see

(Let me clear it first that I have taken my decision to leave the job,whenever and whereever I left working in these many I want to do something(after gap of 10yrs...though I freelanced in between) my spare time, more than as a home maker...thats why I asked for help..if your office need any gingles...plz let me know...other then what aditifoundation can do is workshops...)

Its my own decisions not to talk much on phone,or watch less TV,or sit lessser on recent one compelled or stoped me.

Now few personal points....Since 1986, when we got married, and now in recent last few years, we had this feeling that we don't get so much love,care,respect in our family...which one beti-daamaad,natini,ma-babuji...should get, definitly,we don't ask to be treated as SPECIAL...but somewhere what closeness and respect, what others around me enjoy's...we don't, inspite and despite of Sudhirji's helping hand is always open for all....and I never spoken against my sasural till recently,that also about minor things(to clear the weather)....maybe its becoz of our marriage outside or in
different culture, maybe we all are busy, maybe we all have expectation...(or may be we do not expect at all from each other??...may be its cosmopolitan culture where people are more busy in their own life and I don't think I am very rude and selfish person...who has a big ego...though even I have started saying Mein Bhi,Mein Bhi openly...where ever it is possible aajkal)...which is creating this big gaap...though all the effort has done to bridge it but maybe something lacking from my side...but I do wish to have cordial relations from my I have this feeling that I am one of the 'most effected person' in this crossfire....If anyone behave rudely/insults.... me or Sudhirji or chinu....I got reaction from this side as well, from family and friends...though now people do started taking it normally(not rediculing or overreacting)...but still that 'Karvaahat/Khataas' is left. As I don't like anyone paying disrespect to my family(Sudhirji,me,chinu...anyone else) as to my parents,siblings....leave alone my state...though every person(including me) and places, states has its shortcomings.....I just wish to end this crossfire of blackening....or painting black n white to each other...I want to take my family-friends together.....though my priorities are Sudhirji-Chinu,Ma-Babuji(centre figures of my life and need to be/should be in centre...and in my focus)...and aditifoundation....!!

Its better we take Issues/causes/ a problem which can be resolved....and not make it a dead end whose solution is to end all the interaction in future....and let the things as it is for rest of the life. Definitly, we all have our limitations and priorities....but its better to live smoother life,despite of all shortcomings,flaws and faults. As most neccessary thing is PEACE AND ECONOMIC GROWTH....doing work along at home and its better to work on positive side of our personality and constantly do effort to correct negatives of life(illaj ke liye samasya ki charcha bhi karni padegi).....taki apne vyaktitva va parivaar ki aachhaiyon ko grahan na lage or sirf burai hi charche mein na rahe....!!!

Its always Good to hear good news....its give 'Sanjivini to life'....!!

By the way Chinu got 80% marks in her latest ad campaign....!!

Well, once again I am SORRY, If anyone's reputation at home or outside got damaged intentionally, or unintentionally, becoz of this churning process....if any hurdles or problems got created becoz of it for anyone(forget about me/Sudhirji).....but must remember me if anything good has happened becoz of me or if anyway you'll have become biased or misjudged me....or my ability,intelligence,creativity,behaviour,...and disrespected... we 3(me/sudhirji/chinu)...!!!

As In future I need positivity in all the sphere...its just a begining from my side....I'll start from my side,,my family,my parents,siblings,sasural...and friends circle(definitly sudhirji's friends and mine I always did it as much possible in present situation and conditions and my capabilities)...I'll do more rudeness, no hatred, no this solution finding process. Ulte-sidhe bayaanbaazi se bhi samasyaain khari hoti hain. Sochne ki baat hai, jab tak koi vyakti jivit hai...ghar-bahar aapna yogdaan deta hi rahta vah KHATAM/FINISHED kaise ho gaya????....(unless one is egoist bhabhi of TAAL movie, BHABHI/MA OR DEVDAAS of Devdaas of fiction/movie,...or Exit of NARAYAAN SHANKAR of MOHABBETEIN....etc...VACCUM BY DEATH/ABSENCE....or TITANIC , or a retd Housewife/PRIYA of SAANS serial...etc....!!! But then these are movies and fictions...which are evolving...(so as our lives as well)....but in REALITY LIFE IS BEYOND THAT AND IT GOES ON....AS SHOW MUST GO ON!!! ISN'T IT ????.



Vibha Tailang(baby)