Sunday, December 27, 2009

Meri tvarit ke dinon ke liye...aur 26/12/09 MGT ki samiksha(HEI SHIVANI!!...PAIDAISHI PARESHAANI!!...VT

Koun Hoon Main???

Sochti hoon aaj mein kaun hoon???

Papa ki vah beti jo chaand ke liye machalti thi???

Ya aap sab ki saheli, Jo aam ke aaambia todhti,kuddti-fandhti,


Har Pal mein kucch naye sapnein buunti

kucch bholi,kucch buddhu,thodi badhmash,kucch dheemi

Jeevan ki chaahat mein hur ore

Sabke shabdon aur chehron ko uukereti

Mummy ki beti jo roti mein nakhshe dekhti thi??

woh bahen! jo frock ko ghaghra samajh thirakti thi??

School ki woh shishya jo kitaabon mein se, saras kisse doondh nikalti thi???

Ya woh jo sir aur madame ki shaklon mein kalpanik patron ke chehre dhoondhti thi??

woh ladki joh 'baraunians' ke jazbe ko liye delhi pahunchi???

Aaj bhi Chaand-Suraj meinn, mein Bhavishya dekhti hoon!!

Nakshe ko roti mein kaid ker, Roti ko sabko baant dena chahti hoon!!

Ittihaas ke paanne, aaj bhi kucch seekh aur sabak dete hain!!

Pustkon ke aakshar rengtein se, bhavishya ki lakeerein khinchate hain!!

Jivan ki seedhiyon ganeet ke jodh-ghatav sarekhe se,

gurujanon ke bol rah deekhatein hain !!!

Aap mitron ka jazba, sanjeevni aaushdhi ki tarah,

Yadon mein se nikal ker,lighthouse benn jate hein!!

Aap sabke jazbe ko naman, aap sab special hain!!!

Vibha Tailang(1983)...26/12/09

It was a nostalgic moment for 300+ in online group but 209 friends(95 were registered for that day but finally 209 reached, many came in the last moment) and their families,who were like a big family in Barauni township and are in KV HFC,Barauni,Bihar....seniors and juniors since 1977 to present came from different part of country and world....(got nice memento and a calender which has a class group photographs printed on it, of many yrs....mine was of class vith).

Initially I was thinking it may be difficult to recognize everyone as many of them are quite junior and now many of them are looking so different as I saw few photographs in the website....grownup people with put on weight,mustache,bearded,without hair....but still has that old baby time resemblance(including me...who has put on weight now).

Nice and crisp programme,....nicer moment...I felt good when few of my juniours reminded me that I was Sita and they were sakhi in a play or I was a Durga in a sports day jhanki or chemistry sir reminded me that I was a Saraswati in a programme(Saraswati Vandana-good to hear good things, one feel motivated)....they all told me that they remember me at home and discuss us(everyone remember us and my parents and siblings as papa was a known doctor and all siblings studied there, and were good in studies and other activities(Alok was recluse one)....I couldn't stop laughing when Alok mall teased me during batch photo session as 'Lambi Vibha'(as he is a short man)...K.ramani.Poonam.with their daughters,Neelam with her siblings,husband,son...Alok Mall with his daughter,Ajay Suri,RohitBhasker,Bharti, Rajiv Ranjan-my bhabhi's brother,Rajesh and many more few with family,few with siblings or some alone...nice meeting with batchmates and juniors and seniors.

Around 15 teachers were there...they were felicitated...When teachers have to say few words...they recalled old days, praised students saying 'How most of them are doing well....!! Given few 'Mantra's which they got from their own gurus and now they were giving it to new generations...their shishyas(I remember the same when I told one of my webdesigner in a comment_he asked something, that make your spouse your best friend and be a diamond or a dog) of them(shri M.P.Singh sir talked about Sanskar/indian values,their own 'sankuchit soch'...mental blocks(as barauni is a gramin area though township was like a mini-bharat/india/hindustan),....and asked us to spread indianness in the world...apna chritra, pradesh ka charitra, desh ka charitra aur uski chaap vishva per....(in fact it reminded me of movie 'Mohabbetein-little bit'...and also what I had written in this blog that even in recession time 'Complete Person' can take family along and can live miljul ker unless situation is 'extraordinarily grim' and one cannot live together or in a joint as, I have written in a mail to baraunians that lets come together and spread good values and Sanskar which we got from our 'Teachers and Parents' in school time/Childhood....and Be a social Doctor in contemporary Global time with contemporary Indian values and present situations, though its nice to see even younger generation wearing traditional cloths in important occasions.

Sita madame told me personally, you look smart and we do tell people and girls to be smart and do not live in ghoonghat.I was listenning to them seriously and sincerely...when one sir(M.P.Singh sir) started talking about 'Character building' I wanted to end it with few positive lines and a message(that was not planned...though I was asked by Nidhi Sharma to recite my poem, which is written here now... I said no as teachers mood were to preach so they needed time)...but constraint of time and as all the teachers were in nostalgic, speaking was not possible.

I remmember our History Sir Shri RNR Bhatt, who taught us history as a story, its facts are still on our finger tips. I remember Geography Sir who taught us geogrophy so well that we still have India's and world's Physical map saved in our memory.
So as Economics in a simple language by Shri D.Jha sir which helps us to balance day to day economics of life, Maths sir shri Pandey or Chemistry Sir Shri M.P.Singh, Sanskrit mam- Mrs P.Jha...who taught us if neccessary how to be on stage within few minutes preparation and perform well(if one is not nervous), ....Manju mamm who taught us biology and she sang a beautiful song 'Tu jahan Jahan chalega Mera Saya Saath hoga'..for us or Shri S.P.N Sinha sir...who was natorious for listening cricket commentary even in the classroom....But a very good teacher....And all of them whom I forgot to mention here....including organizers Shri Umeshji and Devendra Singh, Nidhi Sharma, Sunil, Pankaj etc. Kudos to all of them who's effort made this possible to revive and relive our childhood again....I am sure it will go on.Good wishes.

But putting it to an end definitly I would remember our Late Principal Sir shri A.N.Singhji from varanasi....Who was a strict disciplinarian like my father, a dynamic man, man of good virtues and indian values and tradition, an intellectual, very good orator,and has a very good personality. Was always emphasised on physical fitness. A great motivator and use to keep an eye on everyone's record personally as I remember once after sportsday he came to our house. He had my black n white photo, which I still has and asked me 'You really look like Durga in it...but why this time you got less medals than last year. I was surprised. There were many smaller incidents where he used to pinpoint minor things to me and I use to get surprised with this personal touch. I am sure even others must have these kind of memories. It will tough for me to count his qualities over here in detail right now. But his words has very good imprint in my mind. Good to meet his Son Shri Awadhesh singh with his wife and kids. He is in army now posted in Chandigarh, was a good allrounder in school time. We all use to appreciate his qualities.Its nice to hear when I mentioned this, he said...NOW ITS OTHERWAY ROUND'.

(Sudhirji/Sudhir... was busy as 26th(saturday) as it was not his offday and in yearend he has to give a full page matter(special feature) which was to publish on Monday(28th)....and on 31st,his cartoons were published on every page, He has to make extra caricatures and a special and beautiful coloured cartoon which is printed on Official Newyear card. Even Aditi was busy in some important work)

But with saddness I need to write, why its difficult for me to smile or laugh much in last few weeks though I was trying to be 'Mast' at home and singing(not like lataji) and dance(not like michael jackson), whatever comes in my mind and heart(for aanthakshari)....though I don't remember any song more then few lines....or Dance more then few steps lately(not talking about old -childhood or College functions days)...!!!...

The way disscussions going on in Parliament....The way Yellow Journalism has turned Red or blue, the way cases coming out shows rottenness(including Contentious issues) in Society getting protected by people who are suppose to protect or give justice to us...I am sure today Media is a most Powerful medium and is doing great job by exposing such rottenness of Society, By being a watchdog of Society, or taking social responsible initiatives very seriously...This year is MEDIA's year(2009) they are more balanced/rational...and not overreacting!!! I do believe a person or an institution can take right and sane decisions when there is no UNMAAD or extreme reactions...anger, jealously, prejudices...!!!

Last year was judiciary's year(2008) as even for minor decisions we needed judiciary's interference or interventions.

But personally my initiative to write in a GOSSIP BLOG and then in my own blog(whole year) suddenly, which few thought was ATTENTION SEEKING approach, few thought Its to malign few famous cricketers name(jo hamein khush ker rahe the ya baton aur saketon ko apne hisab se sambhal rahe the, ya phir mai bhi ,mai bhi mein shamil the) who were unaware of these gossips I believe as their schedule is very busy....I can see it on TV), or may be I am in preaching mode to all(they reminded me of movies like PARDES,KHUBSOORAT...till latest etc).....first of all once again thanks to my family, Media and Mr M.S.Dhoni(as becoz of election- things got mixed-up-though even I introduced there myself as an Indian who lives in from Bihar and Rajasthan or has relatives in Ranchi)....and few even earlier I did that here, as on their and on my expense, anger,reputation and some Truth...I was able to prove how digitally things can happen in fiction...serials,ads,movies,books, magazines...etc...I may have missed few things which was interpretated and completed by Media...guess work and speculations are still on but now things become simpler and one can understand...and if still people can't understand that how ISSUES which were discussed, reactions and remarks were made in whatever context, home or outside....some misimformation, some misunderstanding,..or 'a process' which people couldn't last few days I faced aggression around me....I was just trying to 'comeout of wrong impression' weaved in fictions around and about as which is reel life not real but then what we started living and liking it!!....I wanted to break it and be real and realistic.!!!...maybe few times I have spoken in a rustic way(ganwar) or Rudely(thode jazbat, thodi acting) ....but its important for me to change the gear and speed and direction....(to restructure..but not 100% intentionally) things but its important to mention once again that even writing in a blog can get highlighted...I didn't know about it initially...I came to know things step by step(as I have written about it earlier) and for it I met pychatrist also twice earlier, as I have mentioned it, but it was in vain.

At times ulta bolne se he batein sahin hoti pahle meri kahi baton ko galat mante the ab usse sahi mante hain....except few who couldn't comeout of their ego(and they know it in their heart)...well,then that's their problem. Now I need to change my tone also to be polite all the time.Its good to see all my school friends praising and highlighting good things about each other.Its a good spirit.

Last time, I just wanted to say in this yearend again(as I have read 2days back that leave modesty and fight for ur right or speak for your right, in a newspaper)....that 'contentious issues' weaved in stories including corruption,terrorism,naxalism,crime,underworld activities,simple buggglary,theft,sexual abuse, rape,drugs,computer addiction etc....including 'MENTAL TERRORISM AND ABUSE'-OF WHO's REPURCUSSION PEOPLE DON'T UNDERSTAND, or several interpetation or dimensions of all problems cannot taken as if its 'we who are personally going through all of it'. Neither we need to behave like those characters or expect to behave like them with others, by others outside or inside and, as so many channels- so many stories, serials, characters are there!!! Its better to be GOOD EXAMPLE thats all, according to one's situations!!!....Definitly now we are more vulnerable as everything is in open (kanch ka ghar)and now maybe everyone would like to 'direct it' or 'do showoff' in their own favour....But in new year I would like to work for our NGO ADITI FOUNDATION as for these 'Hawaii things or ideas' everyone else is ready to take credit(mein bhi or mein hi...Sab ker rahe hain)....definitly people are already working in all the fields(pahle se or baad mein), on all the issues and may have better qualifications and whether I like it or not Comparisons will go on,....So I would prefer to improve my work experiences and do better in my work...kam to kerna hi chahiye. I have not taken up only 'one issue' as whatever issues I had already worked on, its better if its reached to the BETTER CONCLUSION, and for it one need to be after it...PICCHE PADNA HE PADEGA, SO LAGE RAHO MUNNA BHAI. Definitly other NGO's which 'I surveyed' are already doing lots of work at a time simulteneously, and their identity do not get diluted. So, even I can work like this.... Good wishes to me also. As what is shown on TV/FILMS/ETC is not my galti or responsibilities...its producers and their teams own interpetation...and how viewers recieves it, though at times we do relate with it as it seems all the characters...good or bad or grey are speaking or reflecting my own words or views...with their interpetation..which is again interpretated by Sharad Joshiji's 'LAPATAGANJ', which has village background...on SAB TV, they have successfully weaved smaller intregities of day to day life and Bigger Issues like Politics and other Social problems in a Comedy.

But I still feel even homemakers contribution in society cannot be avoidable or ignored....but then one can do both work together.

Three more things I need to clear, though it was not I had mentioned my husband where ever it was suitable and necessary, and I see him with great regard as he is very hard working, sicere, talented,known man...though we may have few 'Mattbhed'....and as even he is living in this 'Kaanch ka Ghar' no one is ignoring him.

Every venture need financial support or fund...and nowadays every corporate sector or channels has their own charity no I am not going back to any of my old offices for work or any financial/fund support....though there is nothing wrong in it...Sudhirji is supporting our NGO and for our ventures we will work with rules and regulations mentioned in our it is quite wide!!

And now its about Aditi/chinu's this is her final year...she is quite good, passionate about her work and very talented. Quite Shaant, not interested in blowing her own trumpets or show offs, but a normal, balanced, mature 22yr...pretty, caring and a smart girl...a good mix of tradition and mordernity. Well, I am not here to describe her qualities or shortcomings of personality...I do feel one can change or mould her/himself according to situation for betterment in life or family or can change/mould few people around them by impressing them with her/his good qualities....till its important and possible, as everyone evolves(kuchh naya Sikhna or kuchh purana chhodna).I just wish that she herself become a star(even financially) of her that she gets good offers for marriage...a well to do family, who loves and respect her and appreciated her efforts at home and give her aazadi and space to do what she is very passionate(sketching/photography/advertising...etc) about and a job or as a freelancer and grow as an individual as well(that can be sane mutual decison). I am 100% sure she will devolop as a good, caring n a responsible family member and a citizen. So let her study but If we get a good offer we can think about marriage in between after her graduation.And no traditionally and morally we don't take or give money in or for marriage....!!!

Good wishes and a very Happy, healthy, bright, properous new year to all.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Copenhegan and Climate Change- neccessity or a mere hype

Its important for every citizen of this earth to understand what are the causes of Climate change, what are its repercussions, what are the simple way in day to day life...and our little effort, which can make the change for better or worsen the it can effect...we people, who live here including everything on If citizens will be aware and industries will follow the norms...less fuel will be used,without harming and we can be green and safe and sound....!!!!...I believe even poor but aware person can contribute for betterment...if they demand for kuddedaan...and if it is installed, they do not sell it off....then thing can be better....we all are hopeful!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mahatma Gandhiji and Nobel peace prizes in today's context.

Shama shobhti uss bhujang ko jiske pass garal ho,
ussko qua jo dantheen vishrahit vineet saral ho!!!as so

I think Mahatma Gandhiji is really relevant as this is an era of Nuclear weapon which can destroy whole universe in few I believe Gandhiji's strength was Ahimsa, truth, satyagrah....!!! In today's vocabulary...his mindgame/strategy was his strength....which was mightier than any other weapons, as by emotional bondage he weaved people of our country beyond any caste,religion,status...etc and even beyond boundaries(Janshakti). His emotional bondage was so methodical,full of rules and regulations....rights and wrongs....his determination to follow his own rules made him apart from others and was one of the reasons why he had a great numbers of followers....!!!

His mental power, oratory power, his life style, his sitdhanta's and own interpetations and definations of things,values,situations,its solutions and numbers of followers made him powerful.This power to control mind and language or words...was supreme...definitly if we don't want to push nuclear weapons button by heart and mind....these weapons are of no threat. So his power were supreme but in era of terrorism....don't we need such abilities essentially to fight against terrorists and their devilish mind!!!???... Today,I remember my nanaji who was very impressed by Gandhiji Views and values.

Monday, December 7, 2009



Bhai mere
Kab tak jhuthalaoge
Pet ki aag ko
Kab tak bahlaoge
Aantdiyon ki eithan ko
Qua tumhare mann mein koi viddroh nahin hota?
Aakhir kab tak rahoge
Iss kaanch ke ghar mein?
Apne pita aur unke pita bhi
Issi kanch ke ghar mein rahe
Balki saans lene ke liye unhein
Hawa bhi mangni padi
Magar ab nahin hoga mujhse
Beant bunna ki jidhar jhukaya
Jayega udher jhukungi
Mere kandhon per hai YUVAON ke rakht ka bojh
Meri aankhon mein jal raha hai palas van
Rom-rom mein dukhta hai
Taaze sapnon ka lal lahu
Ek sawal fhir mere mann ko roandata hai,
Kaise lahluhaan ho gaye
Katon ke van mein foolon ka suhag?
Kyon bairon chitthi se fhir rahen hain
Khali haath log?
Sochiti hoon,
Basta ka bojh kitna bhari tha
Per kitni halki ho gai hai zindgai!
Per mein seekh liya hai,
Ki ab pet ko pet
Aur roti ko roti kahoongi
Kyonki meinne mahsoos kiya hai
Pet ki aag ko
Dekha hai
Bhook aur roti ke mahayuddh ko
Aur issliye
Meinne jaan liya hai
Ki bhook fool se ya kaagaz se nahin,
Roti se boojhti hai!
Yahi hai mere bhai,
1983 batch