Sunday, August 9, 2009

Swine Flu!

For last few days, people, media and government machinaries are really working overnight and worried about Swine is really important for everyone to know the symbtoms and how to deal with it...where to go, whom to ask for help,..etc.

4 deaths concerns me but what disturbed me is Mr Gulam Nabi Azad's Comment that its late Rida responsible for infectining 84 patients...Its really saddend me...If that girl or family knew that what is happening to her...she might be news says...till late after 4days...girl's parents, and Doctors of Hospital, where she was admitted...didn't know that...she was suffering from Swine Flu.!!!If person don't know what is she suffering will she infect others delibretly...especially, till that day no one was that alarmed and alert....neither people, nor media or government...not even awareness level was so much....I think Mr Azad must think once before criticizing a dead kid...who died becoz of others negligence and lack of awareness,facilities,alertness.

Drought in several areas of our also a big worry. Poverty and a scar on whole humanity, and still exists in the whole world.

Discussions on Austerity/simplicity is getting discussed so much...its good, Mahatma Gandhiji and other great freedom fighters lived with my opinion, even that time people had security threat from britishers, but then...its a way of life, (and money can be recovered from eradicating corruption or money given to everyone by central govt/state govt to utilize for their constituencies,ministries or in general,if it get utilize correctly))....which is as difficult as to impose austerity on some one.