Monday, March 30, 2009


Aditi's exams are over. I am very happy. She studied hard...She got more space for her work in exhibhition...I am sure she will get more marks in theory paper as well.(100%). Good wishes to her and others.

Terror attack in Lahore?

Its seems to be never ending problem...nasur ban gaya hai...Taliban is at our doorstep now...I was watching and feeling sick! We need more determination to strictly fight against terror.It reminds me of a Poster made by Aditi after Mumbai attack(26/11)- Its Blood on the whole canvas, only a corner is left where drop of blood is dropping down and a slogan is written...War against terror. Sudhirji has also made very topical cartoons those days...

NSA on Varun Gandhi?

Its good that others has critisized about NSA Varun's wrong doing is not proved yet....but if he is guilty, then Its ok as 'Danga' faail saakta tha.

voter ka meter

First Political reality show on India TV Channel, 'Voter ka Meter' is getting good response, without doing any extra publicity effort, this programme has 29 percent TRP, highest in 6.30 to 7.00Pm time slot...Sudhirji is one of the judge...getting good feedback and response personally. Best wishes...

Elections 2009-Is Young India understand their power of vote?

Yesterday Saw students of Aditi's age of various colleges discussing amongst themselve and media...doing 'nukkad natak' ,reciting slogans and poems on the topics like their power to vote and about 'can a vote make a difference',or 'if we don't vote or vote for wrong candidate' we cannot blame politicians for our problems...Dekh ker Acacha laga...